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Required Documents:

Obtain Portuguese Citizenship

  • The birth certificate, original and photocopy (stamped by foreign ministry nepal)
  • A photocopy of the residence permit in portugal
  • Proof of portuguese language knowledge
  • Proof of a connection to the national community – this can include proof of property purchase, the birth certificate of a child/children, copies of the residence permits of the family members, etc.
  • Criminal record issued by the portuguese authorities, no older than three months (I can be obtained by the authority at the same time of during application submission
  • Criminal record issues by the authorities in the country of origin within the last three months must be authenticated by the portuguese consulate may be replaced by a declaration issued by the relevant authority in the country of origin(stamped by foreign ministry nepal)
  • Proof of means of subsistence, that the applicant is able to ensure his livelihood can include a statement from the employer and a copy of the monthly salary slip and the original income tax statement for the previous year
  • Proof of registration with the social security service
  • Proof that the applicant has completed mandatory military service in his country of origin or proof that is not required in the home country.
  • The photocopies of the passport or passports used in the last five years.

Foreign national can obtain Portuguese citizenship. These include the following:

  • Citizenship through naturalization: this is a commonly used method by all those who legally reside in the country for a number of years.
  • Citizenship through marriage: after marriage with a national for a number of years, foreigners can acquire Portuguese citizenship.
  • Citizenship by adoption: an option for minors who can acquire citizenship if they are adopted by a Portuguese national.
  • Citizenship through origin: this applies to those applicants who have a Portuguese parent or grandparent and wish to obtain Portugal citizenship.

विदेशी नागरिकहरु को लागी, अध्ययन को उद्देश्य को लागी, शैक्षिक क्यारियर, रोजगार, पोर्चुगिज राष्ट्रीयता प्राप्त, आदि को लागी हो।

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I. Who can request the Portuguese nationality?
According to the recent amendment to the Regulation of Portuguese Nationality (Decree-law
n.º 30 – A/2015), published in the Official Journal on February 27th 2015, the Portuguese
Government may grant Portuguese nationality by naturalization to the descendants of
Sephardic Portuguese Jews through the attestation of their links to Sephardic communities of
Portuguese origin, namely, surnames, family speaking language and direct or indirect descent.
Candidates may also meet the following criteria:

  1. Being of majority age or emancipated, under Portuguese law;
  2. Having not been convicted, with a sentence transited in rem judicatum, for a
    crime liable to a prison sentence of three years or more, in accordance with
    Portuguese law.
    II. Which documents are required?
    In terms of mandatory documents to instruct the request for attribution of the Portuguese
    nationality, the following documents are necessary:
  3. The Application Form to apply for the Portuguese citizenship must be filled out in
    Portuguese. The following information will be required: full name; place and date of
    birth; parents; civil status; profession; nationality; the place of the current residence
    and the one where it has lived previously; Passport, ID or Permission of Residence
    (number, expiry dates and issuing authorities); evidence of the applicant’s family
    history of connection to a Sephardic Community of Portuguese origin;
  4. The signature should be certified by the consular authorities;
  5. Applicant’s birth certificate certified by the Portuguese Consulate of the country of
    origin of the document in question;
  6. Translation into Portuguese of the above mentioned birth certificate certified by the
    Portuguese Consulate of the country of origin of the document in question;
  7. Criminal Record from the applicant’s country of birth and country of which he/she is a
    citizen, as well as from those countries where the applicant has resided, certified by
    the Portuguese Consulate of the country of origin of the documents in question;
  8. Translation into Portuguese of the above mentioned criminal records certified by the
    Portuguese Consulate of the country of origin of the document in question;1

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